Geared up to world-class automotive standard

Autonation is an automotive technology powerhouse, equipped with the skills, materials and resources to restore your vehicle to its manufacturer's standard.

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Our Vision

Our vision is simple. We want to take away the worrisome thought of seeing your vehicle deteriorate. We are bringing relief to the automotive industry by introducing international standard into the Nigerian repair space. At the end of the day, we want you to drive away delighted.

Your one-stop shop for automotive

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New and Used Car Sales

Buy your favourite cars in the best condition

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Service and maintenance

Give your car the care and attention it deserves from top professionals

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Spare part sales

Buy authentic parts designed to serve

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Rentals and leasing

Looking for a car to rent? Autonation got you covered

Bringing 5 Star world standard home

We are bringing a breath of fresh air to the repair and automotive industry with the inclusion of world-class maintenance and repair standards.

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Our core philosopy

So what, specifically, is a Five Star automotive service? For us, it is five essential components that make the AutoNation offering completely unique.

The Five P’s



Your car is your pride. Very likely it even has a name. That is why we are dedicated to keeping it in conditions you can be proud of.



We've got the skills required to treat your automobile with the highest sense of professionalism.



Providing services you can trust, our outmost desire is to get it right the first time and every time.



Everything from our uniforms, our customer waiting lounge and the workshop, to the condition we return your car in.



Fully transparent – the price we quote you is the price you pay.

All these attributes of our business are underpinned by one powerful word, that is unique to us in the industry – care. It is our focus of care, in every action we take, and every interaction with you, that you will see is the essence of our Five Star automotive service. It's simply the AutoNation way of doing things.

Why Us?

We’re transparent

Not only do we operate with the highest level of integrity, we show it too. You can even watch us while we work, through glass wall to our workshop, while you enjoy our comfy customer lounge and café. You can even work while you wait with our complimentary wifi. Watch the tele or read the newspapers – while your car is being carefully nurtured in the workshop.

We’re technically excellent

AutoNation invests in people. We invest in skills. And we invest in systems. Our training programmes are amongst the best you will find anywhere in the world. Our structured processes ensure nothing is missed. And we always ensure availability of the best parts, tooling & equipment for every job. At AutoNation, no job is beyond our capability.

We’re flexible

All AutoNation sites offer a drive-in, ‘while you wait’ diagnosis & scheduled maintenance service. We have extended working hours so you can pick your vehicle up after work, so no disruption to your work. We work on weekends and evenings – so commercial vehicles are off the road less during working hours. And soon we will even be working round the clock – 24 hours from mid 2014.

We’re smart

Where some service providers would repaint a damaged area unnecessarily – lowering your cars value and making it less desirable – we use our Smart Repair facility, your car may not even need a re-paint. We can fix the area in question in the most efficient way possible. And retain your cars value at the same time.

Our Services

Service & Maintenance

Outstanding diagnosis capability, the latest technology for repairs, and cost saving preventative maintenance. All underpinned with care and delivered by the leading service advisors and technicians in the industry.

We focus on preventative maintenance, rather than scheduled maintenance. The difference being scheduled maintenance may or may not prevent a problem from occuring, but preventative maintenance absolutely will.

“Autonation customer service is truly outstanding!”

George Jones
Delighted customer since 2013
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Considering a career with Autonation?

Got eyes that light up at the sight of automobiles? Do you constantly look for new ways to make vehicles look, sound and perform better?

We are looking for people with such passion at Autonation!